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Posted on: 23.05.18

We’re excited to announce two amazing sea adventures in 2019 with The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019 and The Tall Ships Races 2019. If sailing on Tall Ships is still on your bucket list put these dates in your diary!

This is an opportunity to enjoy spectacular, international four day festivals in the ports and exciting sailing between them – the perfect summer break.

The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019

We’re thrilled to announce the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019, in collaboration with L’Armada 2019. The regatta will see the international fleet of Tall Ships race from Rouen, France, to The Hague, The Netherlands.

The full event, taking place between Thursday 13 – Sunday 23 June, will welcome the famous international Tall Ships fleet and trainees from around the world for an action packed race north across the English Channel and sensational maritime celebrations at either end.

Coinciding with the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the liberation of occupied territory in North western Europe, the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019 will echo the theme of international friendship and understanding which is central to each and every Sail Training International Tall Ships event.

About Rouen, France: 13 – 16 June 2019

Rouen will be the first port of the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019. The regatta event will take place across four days and is in collaboration with L’Armada, a 10 day maritime festival in Rouen, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019.

The Race: 16 – 20 June

The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019 race is a four-day sail across the English Channel from France to The Netherlands and will be an exhilarating and unforgettable sailing experience. The use of waypoints will create an exciting course with vessels often in sight of each other, which has proved popular in the past.

About The Hague, The Netherlands: 20 – 23 June

The port of Scheveningen in The Hague will be the final port of the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019. The port is located on the west coast of the Netherlands, just outside the city of The Hague, around 27km north of Rotterdam and 66km from Amsterdam. This will be the first time that the Hague has hosted a Tall Ships Regatta… and we can’t wait to visit this vibrant city.

crew parade rdv 2017 le havre

Crew parade.

The Tall Ships Races 2019

The summer of 2019 will see us visiting north-west Europe for the 62nd Tall Ships Race – still Europe’s largest, free, family festival. The three-leg event invites vessels to race from Aalborg, Denmark to Fredrikstad, Norway. Then, enjoy a stunning Cruise-in-Company along the coast of Norway to Bergen, visits to waypoints on the Skagerrak and North Sea, finishing off with a nail-biting race to Aarhus, Denmark.

“We are delighted to have four excellent host ports which have hosted The Tall Ships Races so successfully in recent years. The Race Committee has looked at waypoint options which give one short and one longer race leg and a scenic cruise-in-company along one of the most beautiful coasts in the world.

“This race series will give trainees a variety of sail training experiences and will be very attractive to the fleet of international vessel operators.”

Paul Bishop, Head of Race Directorate, Sail Training International (STI)

About Aalborg, Denmark: 3 – 6 July

Aalborg successfully hosted Tall Ships events in 1999, 2004, 2010 and 2015. Over these four years, the city saw more than 3.2 million people taking part in the festivities. This made it Aalborg’s largest and most popular event. When the fleet returns in 2019 – it will mark the city’s fifth Tall Ships Races, and its 20th anniversary.

RACE ONE: 6 – 11 July

A four-day passage across the Skagerrak and the exhilarating challenge of sailing through the magnificent archipelago in the Outer Oslo Fjord.

About Fredrikstad, Norway: 11- 14 July

Fredrikstad is hosting the Tall Ships Races for the third time following highly successful events in 2005 and 2014. As Norway’s sixth-largest city, it has a long and proud tradition of shipping and maritime activities, which dates back to the 13th century.

The Cruise in Company: 14 – 21 July

Throughout this voyage, the Tall Ships fleet will have the opportunity to take part in a non-competitive event – a cruise of friendship and adventure. You will get the chance to enjoy invigorating sailing, amazing coastal scenery, and an excellent programme of activities as you sail around the Norwegian coast.

Stopping in a selection of ports along the way, this voyage is the perfect chance to experience all that Norway has to offer. You’ll find wonderful landscapes, natural reserves, amazing bays, safe anchorages, historical ports, diverse dining, cultural experiences, and much more.

About Bergen, Norway: 21 – 24 July

Bergen is extremely proud of its status as a UNESCO World Heritage City. It boasts an enviable location surrounded by seven mountains, and has a positive reputation as a festival city. Bergen has hosted the Tall Ships Races four times previously.

RACE TWO: 24 July – 1 August

A longer race leg from Norway back to Aarhus which should be a good opportunity for some fast, nail biting racing to the finish port and final celebrations of The Tall Ships Races 2019.

About Aarhus, Denmark: 1 – 4 August

Aarhus has a long-standing relationship with the sea and can trace its maritime history back to the Vikings. The city is committed to encouraging young people to get involved with sail training – it also has a dedicated program for those with disabilities.

That’s it, I want to go – what now?

Pick your dates and keep checking for vessel entries as they come in. If you see a vessel you like the look of, contact them directly for prices and to book your place. It’s that easy – absolutely no experience necessary!

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