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Sail Trainees celebrate Canada 150 at the rendezvous 2017 tall ships regatta in quebec

Canada Legacy Fund Successful Applicants Announced

December 10, 2018

Sail Training International is pleased to announce that three organisations have been chosen to receive a total of $25,000 Canadian Dollars from the Canada Legacy Fund.

The Canada Legacy Fund was set up with donations from Rendez-Vous Naval de Quebec following the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta. The purpose of the fund is to support organisations in delivering youth sail training programmes that will reach disadvantaged young Canadians from 14 to 25 years of age. These programmes focus on personal skills and enhance international friendship and practice in sail training.

Brigantine Incorporated

Brigantine Incorporated have been awarded $10,000 dollars to help develop a new sail training program for young people including at risk youth.

Based in Kingston, Ontario, Brigantine Incorporated is a charity dedicated to empowering, connecting, and inspiring young people through the challenges of sailing a traditionally rigged ship. The organisation aims at building confidence, strength, and leadership in the ship’s crew. The sail training programs broaden horizons and inspire young people to be a positive force in the world.

Brigantine Incorporated also helps to preserve rare maritime skills and heritage, promotes respect for the natural environment and provides the training and experience required to become an outstanding professional mariner.

“Focus will be on providing high-quality crew and leadership development, interpersonal skills and employability, as well as direct professional development. The program will align partly with the Ministry of Transport’s focus on developing marine careers for Inuit youth, as well as with the new Transport Canada Certificate of Competency scheme.

“When finished, the program will guide the experience of 200 youth per year in the Sail Training program with the hope that through program diversification this number will be over 500 within a 5-year horizon.”

Brigantine Incorporated

Brigantine Incorporated


Ecomaris from Montreal have been awarded $10,000 Canadian dollars for their “Cosmic Plankton” program in which Sail Training aspects will be combined with environmental education.

Ecomaris is an organisation that was set up in 2006 to help develop the first environmental school in Quebec. Its mission is to promote education by offering to the public, and particularly young people, a sail training program focused on seamanship, the environment and leadership training.

Their mission is also to promote environmental education by organising expeditions to collect data on the fauna and flora of the St. Lawrence River, in collaboration with scientific research in these areas, and to promote education by offering workshops and lectures to the public on topics such as sailing and the environment.

“Cosmic Plankton is an expedition for young people who want to become aware of the beauty of the world, its richness, its fragility and what there is to explore. It will also help them to discover the diversity and immensity of nature and the universe.

“Being at sea, they will learn how to sail and to get to know themselves and it will help them expand their horizons and meet new people. They will discover hidden strength and capacities. A team of scientists and sailors will embark on our sail training vessel to navigate the Gulf of St. Lawrence and explore the mysteries of the cosmos and the seabed.

“The expedition aims to explore the Mingan Archipelago and areas that are likely to become marine protected. Under skies with limited light pollution, explorers can discover the infinitely large and the infinitely small, share their knowledge and question man’s place in the universe.”


Tall Ships Canada

Tall Ships Canada Association has been awarded $5.000 Canadian dollars for its project “TSCA-ASTO International Exchanges” to bring young people from Canada to the UK to participate in Sail Training with European young people.

Tall Ships Canada Association represents Canadian Sail Training operators, Canadian Maritime Heritage organisations and partners who support the pursuit of advancement of education and training, youth development, career opportunities, best practices in the sailing and marine industry and the promotion of Canadian heritage, culture and values.

Under Transport Canada regulation and policy, its sail training programs provide instruction to promote teamwork, character development and self-confidence whilst also giving trainees experience in sailing operations with clear outcomes and detailed objectives.

“Tall Ships Canada Association applied to the Sail Training International Canada Legacy Fund for the purposes of a bilateral expansion of partners with the James Myatt Trust (JMT) International Exchange and Association of Sail Training Organisations (ASTO).

Where Canadian candidates of the JMT International Exchange currently have to cover their own travel abroad in order to participate in the program, both Tall Ships Canada Association and ASTO are certain that the support of the STI Canada Legacy Fund towards travel costs will open up the opportunity to those who would not otherwise afford it.”

Tall Ships Canada Association

Tall Ships Canada Association

Other valuable applications were received from the following organisations:

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