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Race 2/Cruise-in-Company – Cadiz to A Coruña

Following four days of joyous celebrations in Cádiz, Spain, the Tall Ships race fleet will embark upon 12 days of sailing, with a comprehensive mix of competition and exploration on offer for you to enjoy…

Unlike the majority of the Tall Ships Races race legs, Race 2 in 2020 will not be finishing in the final destination port. Instead, the race will finish off of the coast of southern Portugal and be followed by a Cruise-in-Company. Throughout this cruise, the tall and small ships will have the opportunity to stop in a number of ports who will greet the crews with festivities and celebrations.

This voyage is the perfect chance to experience all that Portugal and Spain have to offer. You’ll find wonderful landscapes, natural reserves, amazing bays, safe anchorages, historical ports, diverse dining, cultural experiences, and much more.


Keep checking back to see the fantastic Tall Ships you could be sailing on board as they enter this race.

tall ship juan de langara

Juan De Langara

Spaces available for this race.